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Here at CMO we firmly believe that a good partnership can only be built on long-term business relationships. Therefore we must understand exactly what working for your company requires so that we can provide you with good service.

This is the reason why we specialise in only a few chosen industries. Only by knowing the relevant industry are we truly able to work in and with it.


We understand the connection between a successful hire and shared values and we also understand the cost when alignment in this area does not exist.

Suffice to say, it’s on the pricey side.


Armed with the relevant information that makes us a virtual extension of you as a hiring manager, we tap into our unparalleled referral network which is populated, and updated by-the-minute, on a 25-year foundation of identifying and tracking talent.


Over 70% of our contacts come through both candidate and client referrals. We think that says something about our skills.

Using proven methodologies, we here at CMO further source and evaluate the top talent for your function and within your industry.


Proprietary techniques such as Behavioral Event Interviewing uncover skills and personal qualities that paper cannot always convey. These insights, when applied to the size of our network, allow us to provide uncommonly, well-suited candidates within extremely tight time frames.

In core practice areas, we can often deliver candidates same day.


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